Reimagined and matched 1:1 with their CryptoPunk counterparts

A 10k, free mint, pixel art NFT collection from Unfungible Labs.

Who Are We?

Introducing Unfungible Labs

We’re a small, hand-selected team of crypto veterans, artists, devs, and traders who love Web3, blockchain technologies, and especially NFTs. We’ve been active in the space for many years and have been involved in creating and managing a number of well-known NFT projects. Now we’ve joined forces to form a killer Web3 crew, and we’re launching our first collection now!


Meet The Crew

The Founding Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Punks2023 is the debut collection from Unfungible Labs. 10,000 pixel art NFTs, trait-matched to the original CryptoPunks collection. An impassioned tribute to the pioneering work of Larva Labs and their revolutionary creation.

It’s a free minted collection on the Ethereum blockchain, launched in July, 2023.

Our Punks2023 artist and co-founder is NPRussell.

You’ll know him from his work on Llamaverse, SpitBuddies and Luminal, plus a dozen more projects.

Follow him on Twitter at @NPRussell.

NPRussell has meticulously re-imagined each of the 150+ CryptoPunks traits from scratch in his distinctive pixel art style. This creative endeavor took place on a marginally larger canvas, measuring 28×28 pixels, allowing for enhanced intricacy without compromising the essence that makes the original collection so extraordinary.

The end result is a contemporary reimagining of CryptoPunks’ artwork, comprising of 10,000 1:1 trait and ID-matched Punks.

For the latest and most accurate information, check our the #announcements channel in our Punks2023 Discord.

Our Whitelist and our Reserve Lists are capped out and closed now, sorry. To join the community you’ll want to grab a Punks2023 NFT from a secondary market.

Punks2023 holders are granted the same commercial rights as Yuga Labs provided for the original CryptoPunks collection. The full release will be available soon.